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 Our Services 

We offer total dental care based upon the wide range of services our dentists are able to provide and our experience to recognise those people with special requirements who would best be served by one of the trusted specialist dentists to whom we refer.


General Dentistry
We offer regular checkups, dental x-rays when necessary, that enables us to recognise any small problems well before they become big problems. 
We also offer teeth cleaning services to remove the scale and keep mouths healthy and minimize the need for further care.

We provide tooth saving restorations that helps prevent further decay and reduce the need for future complex dentistry. For teeth that are heavily restored or broken down it may be necessary to crown (cap) a tooth, however this decision is made after carefully considering all the simpler alternatives.



Although seniors today lead full and healthy lives multiple childhood fillings can be the cause of annoying ongoing tooth problems. Furthermore medications and life style changes can lead to a dry mouth that further exacerbates tooth decay and gum problems. Our dentists can recognise these signs and are equipped to provide the advice and if necessary the medications to stop tooth decay and reduce gum infection to keep your mouth in a healthy state.

We also understand the importance of an attractive smile and can discuss smile saving strategies that don't always require extensive and complex options.

We welcome children at the practice and our caring team make sure it's a fun visit right from the start.
We encourage parents to bring kids along to their appointments so they can become used to the sight of Mum or Dad having their teeth checked and maybe even a ride in the dental chair afterwards.

Around three years of age is a good time for the first visit so that we can make sure young teeth and gums stay healthy, offer tips on diet and help deflect habits such as thumb sucking.  We also make sure that the teeth and jaws are growing as they should. The sooner a problem is addressed the easier it is to resolve.

During the time when kids are losing their baby teeth the second teeth are coming through is an important time to monitor jaw growth. It is also a time to make sure their growing independence away from home doesn't lead to dietary habits that can cause tooth decay.

Into their teens young people continue to require ongoing monitoring of their jaw growth and intervening early if tooth decay, gum disease or jaw misalignment  is observed. It's also important that they have a well fitting mouthguard if they are playing contact sports.

Best of all, the Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a government initiative for eligible families which enables parents to bring their children to our office for subsidised dental care.

Missing Teeth
Missing teeth outside the aesthetic zone are generally are not a problem although we listen carefully to our patients requirements and offer solutions based upon their needs. 

In the aesthetic zone we can provide a variety of cosmetic options ranging from a simple plastic denture to an implant, again offering treatment based upon our experience and a full discussion of the options available and a person's particular needs and expectations.


Tooth Whitening
Tooth whitening has become a sought after treatment from dentists. We offer a range of predictable whitening options to give people a gleaming smile.


Cosmetic Dentistry
We don't tell people they need cosmetic dentistry but listen to the changes a person would like to make to their smile. 
Then we offer a range of options based upon reversible outcomes that often don't require tooth preparation to place a cosmetic restoration.


Grinding, clenching and headaches
The busy lifestyles people have can predispose to grinding and clenching (especially at night) causing headaches and excessive tooth wear.

In most cases we have the experience to help you resolve these problems by providing you with a special night guard to deprogramme the grinding, rebuild your worn teeth with tooth bonding and even treat the trigger points in the chewing muscles that initiate the grinding in the first place.


Our dentists have many years of experience and expertise in providing either part or full dentures. We understand the potential pit falls and can help you choose the option that best suits your needs.

The costs of providing dental care causes concern to some people.
Health funds can help reduce these costs however some funds provide rebates that don't reflect the premiums they charge.

We also know that people don't like surprises so we have included the costs of some of our most frequent services as a guide.

  • Initial examination (Item code 011) $80

  • Removing scale and polishing teeth (Item code 114) $160

  • Tooth coloured fillings (Item codes 531, 532, 533) $248 to $298

  • Tooth Whitening (Item codes 926, 927) $580

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